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Vocal Works by Stellan Sagvik

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Vocal Music
(but not for choir. That you find here)

69/84 Op 5b Vittnen från Agadir, for Tenor, Bass and Piano
40 min Text: Artur Lundkvist (Swedish)

1971 Op 9 Five Songs, Voice, Guitar, Text: The Composer (Swedish) 15 min First performed: juni -71 The Composer,Västertorp

1971 Op 18 Requiescat, Tenor and Wind Orchestra
5 min Text: Oscar Wilde (English)

71/91 Op 18c Requiescat, High Voice and Organ
5 min Text: Oscar Wilde (English)
(nosag MC 005)
  First performed:Jan -92 Carl Unander-Scharin/Ralph Gustafsson, Sofia Church, Stockholm

1972 Op 24 Kammersinfonietta
5 min for Flute, Oboe, Violin, Viola, Violoncell,
Piano, Tenor, Bass
Text: The Composer (Swedish)

1972 Op 25 Volapyk per augmented quattro di archi
10 min for Sopran, 3 Flutes, Clarinet
and String Quartet.
Text: The Composer (Swedish)
First performed: maj -72 G.Rehndal, T Svanström, ens.
Storkällans kapell, Nacka

1972 Op 26 Ballet for Chamber ensemble,
15 min Sopran, 2 Flutes, Oboe,
Clarinet, String Quartet Text: The Composer (Swedish)
  First performed: mars -78 Hanne Holten, ens/The Composer
UNM, Bergen

1978 Op 83 En natt i maj,
45 min Song cycle for Tenor, Baritone,
Wind Quintet, String Quartet
Text: The Composer and Shakespeare (Swedish)
(dedicated to Nilla)
First performed: 860212 Carl Unander-Scharin,
Olle Persson, ensemble/Ansgar Krook,
Medborgarhuset, Stockholm
78/93 Op 83b PASSION from "En natt i maj"
5 min for mezzo/Baritone and String Quartet
Text: The Composer (Swedish)
  First performed: 940424 Maria kyrka
Ulf Lundmark, Stockholmskvartetten

1979 Op 94 Le Chien Mal-en-point
10 min for Sopran and Chamber ensemble
Text (French/Swedish): The Composer
 First performed: 851206 Ingela Berglund,
ens/Ansgar Krook, Stockholms Medborgarhus

1980 Op 100 Yougo,   for Tenor and Chamber ensemble
30 min Text: The Composer (Swedish or English)
First performed: 851206 Stockholms Medborgarhus
Carl Unander-Scharin, ens/A Krook,

1980 Op 102 "Den blomstertid nu kommer"
10 min Song Suite from Uppsala/Gävle Stadsteater (Swedish) play

1980 Op 103 Och utanfor mitt fängselgaller
10 min Songs about Freedom
Bass, Alto Flute and Guitar
Text: Gorkij, Dostojevskij, Turgenev (Swedish)

1980 Op 107 Anafor,
6 min for Tenor, Alto sax, Piano and Percussion
Text: Erik Lindegren (from "Arioso") (Swedish)

1981 Op 108 Annaca, Song cycle for Mezzo, Tenor,
30 min Wind Quintet, String Quintet and Percussion
Text: Anna Cavallin (Swedish)
 First performed: 860116 Stockholms Medborgarhus
I Tobiasson, C Unander-Scharin,
ens/Ansgar Krook,

82/90 Op 116b Song Suite from "ödesspegeln" (Swedish)
30 min for Soli, Choir and Piano

1983 Op 118 Agonia 83, for jazz Singer and Big Band
10 min Text: The Composer (Swedish or English)

1984 Op 126 Music for the play
15 min "Spanska flugan/Spanish Fly"
for Singers, Flutes and String Quartet
Text: The Composer (Swedish)

1984 Op 133 Punkten, Song cycle for Bass,
11 min Alto Flute & Guitar
Text: Per E Rundquist (Swedish)
(dedicated to Johan Schinkler)
 First performed: 860318 J Schinkler, M Möller,
E Frydén, Stockholms Medborgarhus

1985 Op 137b Forestivitas, for Sopran, Tenor (vocalis), Percussion
10 min and Brass Quintet

1987-88 Op 144 Amariosa,
15 min for Mezzo, Clarinet, Cello & Piano
Text: dela Rouchfoucauld,
Per-Erik Rundquist, Claes Andersson (Swedish or English))
(dedicated to Maria)
 First performed: 911117 RH Studio 2 Ingrid Tobiasson,
Per Billman, Mats Rondin, Bengt Forsberg
87-88/ Op 144b Amariosa, for Mez /Bar and Piano
/1989 Text: as Op 144 15 min
 First performed: 931112 Kulturhusets hörsal Stockholm
Ulf Lundmark, Stefan Lindgren (parts I, IV, VI)

1991 Op 162 Vokalis, for Sopran and small Organ 3 min
 First performed:Jan -91 Bodil Lundblad, Sofia Church, Stockholm

91/93 Op 162b Vokalis, for mezzo, tenor, small Organ and
3 min String Quartet
 First performed:940424 Margareta Melz,C Unander-Scharin, Ralph Gustafsson, Stockholm Quartet

1992 Op 164 ...amandi, for Mez/Bar & String Quartet 15 min (dedicated to Maria)
Texts: Anna Rydstedt, Claes Andersson,
Lars Gustafsson, Göran Sonnevi,
Bengt Anderberg, Stellan Sagvik (Swedish)
 First performed: 930220 RH Studio 2
Olle Persson, Stockholmskvartetten
 on CD (with Ulf Lundmark):(nosag CD 008)

1992 Op 168 Läppar och tunga/Lips and tongue, Song cycle
26 min for Mezzo & Chamber ensemble
Text: Camilla Ringquist (Swedish)
 First performed: 930124 Margaretha Melz,
Chamber ensemble, dir: The Composer
Studio 2, Radiohuset, Stockholm

1993 Op 176:a Canticum Szeretni, Songs
28 min for Mezzo & Organ
Text: from Song of Songs (Swedish)
CD: (nosag CD 008)
part 1 , part 2 , part 3 , part 4 , part 5 
First performed: 940424 Margareta Melz, Ralph Gustafsson, Maria Church, Stockholm

1993 Op 176:b Szeretni Canticum,
17 min for Tenor and Organ
Text: from Song of Songs (Swedish)
1993 Op 176:c Szeretni Canticum,
17 min Tenor & String Quartet
(same as 176:b,
but with String Quartet)
Text: from Song of Songs (Swedish)
(dedicated to Calle)
First performed: part 1 , part 2 , part 3 , part 4 
940424 Maria Church,
Carl Unander-Scharin &
CD: (nosag CD 008)

1993 Op 178 My mistress’ eyes
8 min for Tenor & Organ
Text: William Shakespeare /English)
CD: (nosag CD 008)
 First performed: 940424 C Unander-Scharin, Maria Church, Stockholm

1994 Op 182 ...inter nos 259,
xx min for Mezzo, Alto sax & Percussion,
Text: Leo Buscaglia (Swedish) (working on it)

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You can find, and buy, Stellan Sagvik scores at
Swedish MIC (The Swedish Music Information Center)

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